Creativity does not follow the rules, it brakes them

Behind the scenes

I have always been a creative person, trying myself in making jewelries, painting, photography and different DIY projects. I discovered scrapbooking for a half a decade ago, when I became a mother for the first time... I wanted to keep those precious moments.

 I have stayed true to this occupation to this moment. I keep discovering and exploring the universe of its endless versatility. Scrapbooking for me is a therapy for the soul, time when my creativity is on the loose and takes shape of a card, album or tag...

Through my blog, I hope to show the thrifty choices, surprise with unexpected use of scrap materials, inspire and share.

If you are interested in further reading, I have been so lucky to be interviewed for The Paper Crafting - Scandinavian Edition in May 2017.

I am privileged to have been invited to join the designer team of Hobitik in 2018, where I get a chance to create with talented co-crafters.

Yours sincerely,  Nataliya Kobina