Altered notebook

A secret

My youngest, son, approaching 3, is dating! He scored a girl, older than him, and he is looking forward every single day to playing with her at kindergarden. "Has Laura come yet?" - is usually his very first question, when I drop him off in the morning.

My daughter, aged 6, has apparently reached that age, when she asked for a secret diary for her birthday present. She does know letters, but can't write apart from a couple of phrases learned by heart. But, apparently, she has already got her own secrets. Kids grow up fast! And yeh, she is dating too and knows what "ex" is - it is when your boyfriend is leaving you in kindergarden and moving on to school :)))


I was lucky to find a beautiful memo pad in Panduro on summer sale. Pink, roses, lots of sticky notes - just the right one for my princess. And then.... I decided to take it all apart, do some overhauling.


Soft cover

Altered notebook looks chick and rich, however it is on a low budget.
I had previously purchased some fabric through Ebay. It matched the shabby style of the notebook perfectly. I stitched the top part of the soft cover and added a ton of embellishments onto the flap. I also hid a magnet and re-enforced with button and twine, to be twisted around it.
Blue paper flowers are handmade - I used the latest collection of scrapbooking design paper from Søstrene Grene. White lace is actually a torn old dress. Pink roses and wooden frame are also from Ebay. Cardstock die cuts are from several Tilda collections. Padding is foam washing cloth, used for babies. I have started on another album, where I used a white fleece plaid from Jysk as a padding.



Take two

Now, inside of the notebook got a matching paper with roses background to tie the theme together. All sticky pads were re-attached, re-inforced by white water colour paper, purchased at Flying Tiger. As good as new, and even better!


Thank you for reading, wish you a lovely day ahead!