Blushed foamiran roses - hair clip

I am rather new to foamiran and flower making. However, I could not resist the temptation to practice. Beginning of the year, I posted one of my first flowers, a mix of a poppy and a peony here.

Foamiran rose

Today, I tried to create a blushed tea rose. I hand cut all the petals in 3 different sizes. It is actually pretty easy - just cut 3 stripes of foamiran, cut them further into small squares and then remove 3 out of 4 corners to create a "drop".

All petals of peach foamiran are distressed on the round edges only, slightly more on the small petals for the center of the flower. Slightly less on the bigger petals. For this particular flower, I used "Memento" ink pad "Love Letter". 

Foamiran rose scrapbook Gothriftycrafter flower hair clip broche peachjpg

For the bud, I used aluminium kitchen foil, shaped like a drop. I covered it with two petals. Afterwards, in circles I added all the petals, growing in size.

Foamiran rose scrapbook Gothriftycrafter flower hair clip brochejpg

Hair clip

These roses were made as hair clips. I added a couple of rose leaves, also hand cut without any template, and glued everything onto a simple metal hair clip. 
Flowers can also be used as a broche, or an accessory for a hat, bag etc.

Foamiran rose scrapbook Gothriftycrafter flower hair clipjpg

Thank you for stepping by, wish you a great day ahead!