Foamiran poppy flower - hair pin

I guess, I broke the law of genetics by crossing peony and poppy flower in one :-)

I used peach colour foamiran, hand cut the leaves and distressed them slightly on the edges with red ink.

DIY foamiran flower poppy hair pinJPG

I wanted to make an open flower. Thus, I used dark grey foamiran for the middle. In order to create an effect of real stamens, I applied a little bit of glue and dipped it into the tattered white embossing powder.

DIY foamiran flower poppy rose peach handmade Gothriftycrafter hair pinJPG

There are endless opportunities for such an accessory - hair clip, broche, decoration for a bag or a hat. Be playful! :-)

Hair pin DIY foamiran flower poppy rose Gothriftycrafter LadyEJPG

Here is my favourite model trying it out :-)

DIY foamiran poppy flower rose hair do GoThriftycrafterJPG

Thank you for stepping by, wish you a great day ahead!