My DIY craft room

Epigraph: Happy wife, happy life 

Scrapbooking is not only about making cards or albums, having thousands of papers, embellishments, flowers, beads and pearls. It is just as much about having craft room storage with shelves, folders, Råskog carts, boxes, hooks and cups, and all those lovely bric-a-bracs and knick-knacks.

All of the above I do not have. People say "one should be thankful for what you have". That does not apply to scrappers. "I will not buy any more craft supplies, - said no scrapper ever", end of quote.

On our summer vacation, sitting with my husband on the porch late warm Spanish evening, when kids were put to bed, after a couple of cocktails, I have had it. I suddenly needed a scrap room, right there, on that Spanish porch with palm trees and swimming pool. I guess my engineering abilities were activated at its max potential, after the cocktails (who would argue!), I took a napkin and designed my scrap corner.

It was built in the bedroom, the next day I got back from vacation.

I can proudly say, that my marriage has never been better. I often invite my husband into the bedroom..... to admire my scrap corner of course! :-)

My bedroom

Our attached house is rented and has only 3 rooms. For a family of 4 it is already tight. There is no basement, thus a dream of having an entire room for scrapbooking had to be scrapped at once. The only place, I could think of, was our bedroom. I did not want to change the entire design and invest into new furniture. I challenged my mind with the best solution on a low budget. IKEA, here I come!

As you can see from below, the closet is to the right, and it must stay. Those white drawers I did not want to get rid of either. They must stay. Else I would have nothing to wear, as they contain my wardrobe. Not seen in the picture is the door to the porch on the left. It must stay.
 I needed the solution, that would allow me to still open: closet, drawers, porch door.



When choosing a table plate, it is important to pick up something thick, else it will be unstable and bend. Creative solutions like door would do too. My project was restricted by specific measurements, thus I picked LINNMON series from IKEA. Top plate measures 200x60x3.4 cm, sides measure 100x60x3.4 cm. The table is on wheels, which allow to pull the table and hover the construction over the two drawers, having in-between space of 1.5 cm.

The niche on the left allows me to hide the IKEA cart with scrap supplies and an ILVA bar chair, which is 50% off, by the way.

Lights, camera, action!

Here it is seen, how my scrap space is looking like in a working mode. The table can be pulled into the middle of the room, allowing two people to sit on each individual side. Because of course, when bar chairs are on sale, you buy two!

Peg boards are from new IKEA collection Skådis. And here come all the knick-knacks from the same collection - how not to buy them?



I hope my husband will not read this post, or at least that it has been long enough, so that I would put the numbers here, in DKK.

Table plate LINNMON 200 cm x 1                    279,-
Table plate LINNMON 100 cm x 2                      89,-
Peg boards Skådis 56 cm x 2                            109,-
Skådis knick-knacks x million                            260,-
Table lamp RANARP x 1                                     299,-
Bulb for RANARP, LED x 1                                      7,-
Bar Chais AROS x 2              699,-
Hjul RILL, set of 4                                                   69,-
Fixtures, set                                                             99,-
Cart DRAGGAN x 1                                               179,-
Newspaper holder KVISSLE x 1                         139,-
Working hours x 2 by 1 husband                       a kiss                 

In order to stabilise the table, it is recommended to use metal corner fittings:


And newspaper holder can be used for papers, long dies, punches - imagination does not have any limit


Thank you for stepping by and wish you a lovely day ahead!