Smile and be happy

or borsh and leftovers
Very first years after having moved to DK, I was still trying to impress my husbands friends with cooking. Traditional borsh, that took me 4 hours standing at the stove, just from scratch. And the comment I got "oh, that is a very nice soup, made with leftovers". Well... all those leftovers were purchased a day before, specifically for the traditional dish :-)

Discover hidden treasure
Wish scrapbook, leftovers are rather precious. My favourite paper selection happens to be in the folder with the cut-outs. It is a world full of discovery! And I guess a commitment of a scrapper has to be to re-visit the goodies you already have. Small papers can be used for a variety of shapes.


In this particular card, circles and flowers steal the center of attention. Any other shapes can be used with the 3D foam to create a depth and dimension. There simply can't be too much in this case.