Thank you card


Are you done with your meal? Please wash your hands. Get dressed. We need to brush the teeth. Where is your school bag? Did you remember the book? Why are you still walking in one sock? We need to brush your hair and remember the lunch boxes....

I can be pushy in the mornings with the kids, especially if there is an important meeting starting at 8.00 sharp! And before that I have to drive to two places and drop the kids off to daycare and school.

- "Mommy!", my daughter said. "You will soon get a cross!"
- "A cross? Where, sweety?"
- "In my calendar!",  my daughter replied. "I have a calendar for you and daddy, where you get X for each time, where I get angry at you. Mommy, you have more than daddy"
It seems, my 6 years old daughter is already a fan of journaling :-)

I certainly hope, I did not get a cross from my student worker. I had the sweetest girl employed during the summer in my department. It was time for her to back to her studies, thus I decided to buy a small gift, accompanied by the "thank you" card.


The card is thought to have many layers, however the background is quite simple. Brown cardstock, one sheet 6x6" scrapbooking paper, a torn book page, torn left over of a Søstrene Grene paper bag, and white cloth, which used to be my daughter's summer dress. The edges of the papers are slightly distressed and stitched, rather for a visual effect than functionality.

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook thank you card backgroundjpg


The central piece in the composition are the brown handmade roses. The card is kept in slightly darker tones. I do not know, whether I got influenced by the grey rainy weather outside. Green roses are from Søstrene Grene, handmade moulded  frame, several die cuts, chipboards. Green enamel dots lift the palette slightly, just as the last summer sun beams of the approaching autumn.

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook thank you card brown rosesjpg

Second take

Having photographed the card, I wanted to try adding a white rose. I was not sure of the result, as the rose is cut from a think water colour paper. The paper turned out to be "shape-friendly". Couple of splashes with white acrylic paint - and voila!

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook thank you card white rosejpg

Colour palette

Card is executed in rather earth tones, the brightest spot being the enamel dots. White is being repeated in a numerous elements, as frame, die cuts, ribbon, and the new central piece - rose.

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook thank you card colour palettejpg

Thank you for stopping by, wish you a lovely day ahead!