Water colour layout "Moments of Happiness"

It has been 5 years since I visited my home country Ukraine. Finally, I got the courage to buy the flight tickets, pack the bags and leave. Only me and my kids, looking forward to being completely spoiled by my family. My grandparents are reaching 90, thus it was a must to pay them a visit. There is nothing better than all those childhood memories that I wanted to somehow share with my kids.

Now have a picture... countryside.... the tallest building in town is three stories. There are not that many people carrying a smartphone around, but rather having chickens and pigs in the backyards. Internet connections are not that common. My phone is usually dead, not catching any data signal.

Walking home with my grandfather, we meet his neighbour. Older lady, wearing what I would call traditional clothes with a mandatory head scarf, neatly tightened in a knot under the chin. She is retired and on her way from church. Friendly chat.. her daughter is living in Australia, she just got her a new IPhone, and the older lady is fond of Snapchat, FaceTime, Viber and Skype! OMG! I do not even have half of these applications! Total set back of my technical skills....

4th generation

I wanted to create a background from scratch. I used white gesso on a craft cardstock and applied a beautiful mask with modelling paste. Colour splashes are made with Tim Holtz distress inks, as well as water colours. Randomly, I glued torn pieces of a doodle black and white paper, the same sheet used for the frame.

I managed to get a snap on my phone of my daughter and my grandfather. They just got along at once, fooling around. And the cat is there - he is just jealous, giving me that look.


In the close up some of the techniques are zoomed into: a variety of stamps, paper flowers, embossed leaves on vellum and beautiful die cuts collection.


Cherish your loved ones and enjoy the present!
This layout is devoted to my dearest grandfather. Thank you for reading, wish you a great day ahead.


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