Wedding cards with water colour background

May is my favourite month. Not only, because my birthday is in May, and not only because it is finally possible to enjoy warm spring days, but it is due to the calendar. There are so many days off! Working weeks are short, days are long.

I had a good, long, busy weekend. My kids are usually sweet, but try to expand the boundaries sometimes. I told my daughter off and got really upset with her for her behaviour. She sent her father to plead for forgiveness. She has seen it work on TV, she said, in cartoons, "that should make mommy happy again". My daughter equipped my husband with a tiny glitter box with a toy ring in it. Here he was, kneeling, opening the box, revealing the ring, my Danish prince....

What does it prove?
1. Mommy said yes, yet again => mommy is happy
2. As sly as a fox, this little girl is spinning both mom and dad around her little finger. Me - for giving in, dad - for even getting into this "marry me again" thing
3. Wedding season has started, at least in my scrapbooking activity


A admire Sizzix blogspot with the designer Olga Vasilieva. Her creations were a great inspiration for these two cards. I wanted to achieve the same effect with "careless", yet coherent background of water colour splashes and stamps.



Watercolour paper was used for the backgrounds. Here you can see the initial stages, before all the madness :-) I tried different techniques and must say, had to toss a couple of pages. I started with wetting the paper with a brush and applying water colours into it. It just did not work and did not give the feeling of "randomness". Then I decided to apply the paint onto a plastic bag and rub it afterwards onto the paper. That looked much better.
To the left - I added torn book pages, as well as a framework Sizzix die cut and lace. To the right - different stamps.


Gone wild

Still insisting: "nothing is too much in scrapbooking". Purple rose in the center is a die cut, other roses are hand cut from a circle and rolled up. White frame has been embossed, and butterflies are stamped, water coloured and cut. I also added some embellishments as berries, ribbon, cheese cloth, stamen, wheat and rose leaves.


For this card, I used honeycomb die cut and twine cord for the background. White rose is Prima petals, other roses from Søstrene Grene and Ebay. Leaves are embossed on a vellum. Butterflies are stamped and hand-painted as well.


Materials (selection of..)

* Dies - Sizzix, Dixi Craft, Memory in the box, Ebay
* Flowers - Søstrene Grene, Prima, Ebay, handmade roses
* Flower stamens & wheat,
still found on almighty E-bay
* Paper & water colour set
- Tiger
* Wood embellishment - Ebay
* Ribbons, lace, twine cord - Ebay, Panduro, flea market
* Stamps - E-bay


Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

I would like to enter these cards for:
Kreativ Scrapping Bloggen Utfordring #6 Bryllup