Wedding guest book

In Ukraine, most of the girls get married in the age of 20-22. I was not an exception, neither were my group mates from the university, most of them anyway.

One of them shared a story. She got two lovely kids several years later. Once, looking through her wedding photos at the anniversary day, her boys asked: "Mom, seems like was a great party with lots of fun, how come we were not invited?" :-)

From zero to hero

A friend of mine asked to help her out with a wedding guest book. No specific requirements to the colour, as long as the overall tone remained white, beige, gentle.

Table cloth, sackcloth, my daughters dress - here we come!

Base of the book is black notebook from Flying Tiger with blank pages. I used the same recipe, as when creating an altered notebook for my daughter. White roses have become almost a "must" element - how not to include those, when it is a wedding??

The white frame is moulded with a white selv-hardening clay from Flying Tiger. Wood embellishments got a slight touch of gesso to tone them down, for most of the die cuts I used water colour paper.

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook wedding guest book beige whitejpg

The back cover is kept simple. A single rose and leaves to hide the ribbon:

Gothriftycrafter scrapbook wedding guest book back coverjpg

Thank you for stopping by, wish you a lovely day ahead!