You don't have to be rich to...

Inspiration for this card came from a challenge posted by "Scrap from your heart".

I did not have a selection of a scrapbook paper for the theme of "Winter without Christmas". However, magic word freebie is your life saver on Pinterest. I wanted to come up with a card incorporating the latest trend in a scrapbooking world - hard wood floor design. Blue seemed like a good choice, combined with white.

In order not to violate the agreement, I must warn, that most of freebies are NOT for a commercial use, but private only.


Composition of the card is what pleases your eye. There is a combination of scrapbooking articles, e.g. paper flowers and berries, as well as natural materials. Walking to the store, picking up your kid, walking your dog - look around, harvest the nature and apply it in your projects.

I remember walking to the day care with my daughter. What normally would take 10 min, took more than half an hour. Every stone, flower, leaf, stick, worm and bug had to be looked at, poked at, greeted with hello, touched and accompanied with a dozen of why-questions. Now I enjoy my kid coming home with small gifts of nature.


Lovely doily, bird and the bird cage are from Tilda

Winter branches - Sizzix dies

Free printables selection from my Pinterest